I absolutely adore these wee Scottish houses, I hope you do as well! Each one is named after a traditional Scottish building type. Left to right you have...

Tenement, Byre, Barn, Stables, Lookout, Croft.

They are concrete and coloured sand and at the moment only come in this colour. They are solid but filled with a chunk of styrofoam (repurposed of course) to make them lighter and dry better. They are cast from hand cut wooden blocks and so still show the wooden grain which I think really adds character. As with all my makes they are finished with a felt base. 

When I was a girl I used to buy little houses for my granny. They formed an ever growing village on her window sill. Little houses will forever be synonymous with my “Wee Granny” as we called her. She was a 4ft 11 powerhouse. These are for her, her legend lives on.