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Rectangular soap dish

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This ones a bit chunky! 

Each one is hand mixed and poured so they end up totally unique. Features a curved inner surface and drainage holes for great soap preservation. It’s hand waxed to a gorgeous shine. A real delude treat for your home. 

  • Available in the new shades…

    • Oyster: a soft greyish cream 
    • Sand: pale teal low cream with tiny black gravel & reclaimed crushed whelk shells.
    • Lichen: pale greenish blue & white marbled
    • Salmon: rich pinkish orange & white marbled
    • Salmon / Oyster: a two tone dish split down the middle
    • Oak Barrel: warm brown marbled into white

Larger than the oval soap dishes. Measures 13cm x 9.5cm x 2cm

As with all my products these are individually hand made. That means there will be slight variations in the colour and could be surface air bubbles. These are a natural part of concrete making and add to the handmade nature of your product.

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