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Zoe Scott Designs

The ‘Hoy’ Vase

The ‘Hoy’ Vase

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This dramatic concrete vase features a ultra smooth cylindrical body with rocky outcrop. Named after the Old Man of Hoy, a 137m sea stack on Hoy, part of the Orkney archipelago off the north coast of Scotland. Formed from red sandstone it is one of the tallest stacks in the United Kingdom.

Sits beautifully on a shelf as a art piece or fill it with fresh stems, it’s watertight after all. 

Sip cast concrete made in a silicone mould. An exact replica of Zoe’s hand built ceramics.


It featured a smooth cylindrical body with dramatic rocky outcrop. Wide enough for a big flower bouquet but equally stunning with some architectural branches.

The vase is slip cast pigmented concrete formed in a custom silicone mould. Layers of colour have been carefully placed into the desired sections to create a striking design, with each casting unique and individual. It’s waxed & polished with food grade wax, fully watertight and finished with a felt base.

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